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The Girl.
Iby. Twenty-four. Australian. Bird!nerd. The humble subject of five fully flighted companion parrot lords. Academically lost. So lost, there are polar bears on my tropical island. I'm studying politics and international relations. Television for a heart, music for a soul, tumblr for a life partner, and internet for oxygen.
The Screen.
Game of Thrones, The West Wing, Hawaii Five-0, Alias, Veronica Mars, Modern Family, Arrested Development, Angel, Buffy, Gilmore Girls, Teen Wolf, Bones, The Big Bang Theory, Warehouse 13, Merlin, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Top Gear, Doctor Who, Pride and Prejudice, Generation Kill, Jane Eyre, Deadliest Catch, Teen Wolf, Suits, M*A*S*H, Stargate, The Walking Dead, Band of Brothers, Firefly, The Legend of the Seeker, Fawlty Towers, Grey's Anatomy, Life on Mars, Supernatural and many more.
The Tunes.
The Beatles, The Strokes, Belle and Sebastian, Lady Gaga, Florence + The Machine, Tegan and Sara. Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks. Lots of individual songs.
The Books.
The Quiet American, To Kill A Mockingbird, Bridget Jones' Diary, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Pride and Prejudice, Last Chance to See, The Southern Vampire Mysteries, The Hobbit, Harry Potter and anything by Brian Thacker.
The Big Screen.
Help! A Hard Day's Night, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Jurassic Park, Anastasia, Empire Records, The Sound of Music, Iron Man, Amelie, Learners, The Boat That Rocked, While You Were Sleeping, A Little Princess, The Lord of the Rings, Rio, The Emperor's New Groove, Death At A Funeral, 27 Dreses, The Road to El Dorado and many more.
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